Hi, and welcome to evolvingmillennial.com!

In 2017 I discovered that, as someone born in the early 1980s, I’m a Millennial.

Until that point in time, I had thought I was too old to be part of this generation.

This got me thinking about my own personal growth / development as an individual who is part of a generation often considered in less-than-favourable terms by older generations.

Our generation is faced with a unique set of challenges which were not faced by previous generations. How we deal with these challenges, both as individuals and as a generation, will shape who we are, and how we are viewed by future generations.

I plan to use evolvingmillennial.com as a way to catalogue the Millennials.

I also hope to use evolvingmillennial.com as a way of cataloging my own progress as I face life, and it’s challenges, over the coming years. Whatever lies ahead of me, I’m certainly going to evolve as an individual (the reasoning behind the name choice for this blog!)

Hopefully evolvingmillennial.com will become part of the wider discussion between other Millennials who are reflecting on their own personal development, and the challenges faced by our generation.

One final note (or, really, request!): This is my first blog, so please be gentle!